Fun family of three


I'm a wifey and mummy to a gorgeous little boy. We enjoy living the luxury life and travelling the world in style.

Back in 2016, we finally got married and then shortly after had our little boy two years later.

Unfortunately, we were one of those couples who got married in a whirlwind and then didn't get a chance to go on a proper honeymoon, as other circumstances took priority. So I guess our mini-moon in Scotland was our actual "honeymoon".  

This is why I took this opportunity of working within the travel business, so that I can one day book that honeymoon I deserved back in 2016, when my little boy is a older and is happy to stay at home with his grandparents.

Life can be hectic but we manage to get by like many others. We enjoy a cocktail or two and my son's a pose fan-antic in the making! 

One thing I strongly believe in is to always stay positive, look on the bright side of things and be grateful for everything you have!